Fact Sheet

Developer: Panda Arcade Based in Melbourne, Australia

Founding Date: March 2016

Website: www.pandaarcade.com

Business Contact: alicia@pandaarcade.com

Press / Media: picotanks@pandaarcade.com hissyfit@pandaarcade.com

Social: X Facebook Instagram LinkedIn

Releases: Pico Tanks

Address: Level 2, Rear 429/431 Bridge Rd Richmond VIC 3121, Australia


Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem Hissy Fit: Make Snake Break


Panda Arcade is an indie games studio based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in cute and quirky games of mayhem. Their debut game, Pico Tanks: Multiplayer Mayhem, launched globally in January of 2020 to mobile. They are currently working on Hissy Fit: Make Snake Break, which is estimated to launch mid to late 2024 to mobile.


Panda Arcade was founded in March of 2016 by Paul and Alicia Jakovich. They previously worked at League of Monkeys (now Grease Monkey Games) and released Torque Burnout, which has 35 million downloads on the major app stores. Inspired by this success, Paul and Alicia wanted to develop a colourful and cheeky mobile game that appealed to a wider audience. Their first release as Panda Arcade was a cute and casual multiplayer game called Pico Tanks, which launched globally in January of 2020 to mobile. Pico Tanks achieved notable success with 2.5 million downloads and numerous nominations and awards—most recently winning Excellence In Ongoing Games at the 2021 Australian Game Developer Awards (AGDAs). The studio is currently working on Hissy Fit, an action-packed physics sandbox that encourages experimentation and discovery. Hissy Fit will feature a toy-like aesthetic, tonnes of destruction, and empower players to build levels that challenge their friends and the wider community.


Paul Jakovich Project Lead & Developer/Programmer Alicia Jakovich Studio Manager & Producer Elijah Cobden 3D Artist Jay Wingate Developer/Programmer Jacinta Gonzalez 2D Artist, Social Media & Support